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Today, using a Dry Shampoo is usual. We all like to clean our hair easily and fast before going out, but without washing it under water and dry it, if it is not so dirty. Dry Shampoo keeps your hair clean, while shaping and styling it. If you have hair extensions, here are pros and cons of dry shampoos.
By the way, a dry shampoo is mostly based on silicas, corn starch or rice, and enriched with oat extracts, lemon and other essential oils, agents and regulators. The main goal is to purify your hair.
  • The advantage of Dry Shampoo:
First, if you have coloured hair, or coloured hair extensions, a dry shampoo can have positive effects. Indeed, as you don’t need to wash or rinse your hair, but just apply the spray and brush in order to clean your hair, your colour will be less altered, as the colouring agents are not washed out.
A second positive fact is that it will not contribute to an irritated scalp. This shampoo is softer, and it prevents hair from being dehydrated. Therefore, it allows you to wash less your hair, which is good for extensions that will be hydrated longer.
Using this powder is also incredibly powerful while shaping your hair and hair extensions. Indeed, it helps shrink your hair, and create more volume. It will help you hide the demarcation between your hair and the extensions when arranging your hair. Even hairdressers use dry shampoo all the time.
Furthermore, it is one of the best ways to keep your hair extensions clean. Even more when we know that tape extensions can slip with natural oil or when you have added oil, or some products, to hydrate your hair. Therefore, you can use dry shampoo to remove oil between washes and in order to reduce frequency of washing.
For these positive reasons, dry shampoos are becoming essential and even an addiction for many women. But should we use this shampoo all the time and does it come without restrictions?
  • The inconveniencies of dry shampoo:
Indeed, some disadvantages arise while using dry shampoos. The first one comes with the small number of brands selling them. Therefore, you will not have much choice of dry shampoos, compared to classic shampoos brands. This means you can’t really see a big change in quality, nor find organic or very natural ones. Also, it is hard to find a specific dry shampoo for your type of hair.
Another problem is about the application. It is quite complicated to dose the amount you should use each time, and you don’t want to see your hair becoming white because of the powder, nor see it shine less...
To finish, the results are never as good as what you obtain with usual shampoos. It will only allow you to gain one or two days without properly washing your hair, but not really making it perfectly clean.