If you want the best look while wearing your hair extensions, you need to always buy top quality hair extensions, as the one LuxusHair will offer you. They will be 100% natural and last longer. They also will match your hair colour better and appear perfect in the light. Still, you will need to take care of them after the installation, in order to maintain their appearance and make sure they do not fade with time. You will find tips to keep them perfectly impeccable and well maintained in this article:
  1. Brush your hair at least twice a day, in the morning and before going to bed. This will disentangle your hair and avoid the formation of knots. You should use a boar bristle brush which will not damage your hair, unlike a plastic brush (a bamboo brush could get stuck in the connectors).
  1. Braid loosely your hair before sleeping. This will avoid friction and formation of knots. You will also make sure not to lose extension wicks, since you will not have to pull on your hair to disentangle it in the morning. If you can, use silk pillow covers in order to avoid damaging the hair of your extensions (This is also true for your natural hair).
  1. Always untangle your hair from its tips. Indeed, if you have knots, don’t brush your hair from scalp to tips, because you might end up losing locks of extensions. If you can, pull the knots down, and disentangle from mid-length till the tips, with your finger or a flat brush. Once the knots undone, you can use your bristle brush from the root of your hair down to the ends.
  1. In addition to a conditioner (without silicone), favour nourishing and moisturizing masks every time you wash your hair. Apply the mask carefully and delicately on your lengths. Also use creams or leave-in conditioner for your lengths and tips, to keep the hair of your extensions soft and shiny.
  1. Do not wash your hair too frequently as it could dehydrate it, and specifically your extensions which are not nourished by the sebum from your roots. It could also loose the connectors along time.
  1. Use preferably a neutral pH shampoo. Never use shampoos with alcohol, silicone and ammonia.
  1. Rinse your hair every time you go swimming in the sea or at the pool.
  1. Do not apply oil or greasy products near the junctions of your hair and extensions. It could make the extensions’ lashes slide. Only put oil on the tips, at least 5 cm away from the connectors.
  1. After washing your hair, don’t twist them, but wring the tips without applying pressure on the connectors. You can use a dry towel to dab your hair gently before allowing them to air dry. One last warning: don’t use your hair straightener or dryer directly on the keratin.
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