Bli inspirert - Hundrevis av jenter bruker #LuxusHair hver måned 


It is official: Summer is here! With the sun come the smiles and sunglasses. You can’t wait to be on holidays and go swim in the sea, tan on the beach and jump in the swimming pool.
Still, you have known that since forever: Hair, salt and UV rays don’t do so well. They can cause a lot of problems to your hair, and indeed to your hair extensions.
Hopefully, we have good news for you: You can look after your hair extensions without spending all your money or cancel your holidays. We will just give you a few tips to help you take care of your extensions in the summer heat.
Overall, just know that 100% Natural Hair Extensions such as your LuxusHair Extensions do not need much more care than your own hair. We already told you what special treatments your extensions need (here) as they are made of hair that is not nourished by your scalp. Apart from that, you only need to take care of your extensions and your hair following these simple tips:
  1. Chlorine is not your friend
If your summer is mostly spent inside a swimming pool, or if you simply like to swim, just know that long chlorine bath can damage your extensions. You can go in the swimming pool but need to read our instructions about what can happen and what to do to protect your extensions.
For starters, if you have your hair extensions on, you should try to have your head out of water when you can. If you wear Clips, you can sometimes try to take them off in order to have a long swim without worrying about your extensions’ quality.
Never forget that chlorine tends to negatively affect the texture and colour of your extensions. You can also wear a good swim hat, which will really keep your hair dry.
  1. Use nurturing creams and conditioners
As previously seen, saltwater and pool with chlorine can really damage your hair extensions (and your natural hair).
I you still want to swim, then a good tip is to put cream and conditioner on your hair extensions before you go in the water.  For instance, you can use a no-rinse conditioner
This will help you protect your hair extensions by providing a protection, like a barrier, between your natural hair extensions and the water.
  1.  Wash your extensions after swimming
If you go swim in the sea, or in a swimming pool with chlorine, don’t wait for the sun to dry your hair when you go out of the water.
You should instead go wash your hair extensions right away and treat them with some nurturing leave-in conditioner.
We wrote a full article on salted water on your extensions (link).
  1. Hide your hair (and your skin!) from the sun
As you already know, UVA is bad for your skin which is why your must wear protection cream and stay away from the sun as much as possible and even more during sun peak hours. Obviously, if the sun damages your skin, it does the same to your hair.
Indeed, you should use protective creams and products for your hair, like a defensive spray for instance. The best solution is to wear a cap or a hat, in order to really avoid the sun.
  1. Do not attach your hair too often
If you decide to attach your hair, then your extensions’ strands will be stuck together, and it could damage them even more with sun and water. Loose hair styles will allow air to flow between your extensions and protect them.
If you decide to wear a bun, just don’t keep it all day long, and let your hair be wild from time to time.
  1.  Give more attention to your hair
Even if you follow our previous tips, sun and summer will probably affect your hair and your extensions. After the summer, we often need to go to the hairdresser in order to cut our dry hair tips.
Considering this, you should probably take extra care of your hair and hair extensions during the summer. You can really include more nurturing treatments (very natural ones) to your daily routine.
You should also try to use less and less your hair dryer or hair straightener during the summer. Some styling products such as “volume sprays” or “fixing spray” can also be rough on your extensions, which means you should use them as less as possible, and even more during the summer.
After the summer, your hair extensions could need a little cut, as will your natural hair. To finish, if you feel like they are really damaged by the summer, then it might be time to change your extensions and get new strands for the autumn and winter, when they will probably last long.
  1. Be aware of the natural evolution
As we have seen before, your hair extensions might be damaged by the sun and saltwater of your summer holidays. But apart from that, their colour will also become lighter. You can already observe that your natural colour of hair is lighter during the summer, and of course your extensions, made of Natural Hair, will follow the same pattern.
Still, you can always dye your hair and darker hair extensions after their sun bath.