If you are about to buy hair extensions for the first time, you might want to know what is true or not about them, among all the things you can read or hear on the internet and around you. In that case, or if you already have hair extensions and want to read about the current false/right ideas about hair extensions, here are some answers:
  1. Hair extensions are visible: [False & True] If you choose extensions with synthetic hair, or if you don’t choose a good colour for your hair, then the difference between your natural hair and extensions will be visible.
Still, whether cold, hot, clips or adhesive, extensions have been studied to be ultra-thin and therefore invisible. So, if you choose natural hair extensions and the good colour for your hair or dye your hair after laying extensions, then it will be perfect.
Obviously, it is always good to have a haircut after applications, in order to layer your cut and make the extensions totally invisible. Globally, with LuxusHair extensions, you don’t need to worry because the quality will make your extensions as natural as your hair. Also, extensions are discretely distributed in the mass to create a natural effect.
  1. The pose, whatever its type, is painful: [False] Whether cold, hot, clips or adhesive, extensions have been studied to be ultra-thin and will be applied very carefully by a hairdresser, or at home with patience. In the end, it will depend on how sensitive you are, as some strands need to be pulled, but the pose is not supposed to be painful. In addition, extensions and connectors are never in contact with your scalp during and after the pose. You only need to know that you will need time to adapt and get used to your lengths and the weight of extensions on your hair.
  1. Does installing the extensions damage the hair? [False] Extensions will not prevent the regrowth of your hair. Your hair will continue to grow as usual, because extensions are just connected to the hair but not replacing it. For this reason, you must lay your hair extensions and let them be for a few months. You only need to get a haircut after taking off your extensions, as you would do anytime your hair tips get dry.
  1. The hair used for extensions is from dead people. [False] The hair for the extensions is either natural (cut on people with their approval, while they are living and with beautiful hair) or synthetic. You can read more about natural hair on our article about extensions quality.
  1. Some systems of hair extensions will not be felt, even when one passes the hand in the hair. [False] Indeed hair extensions, such as Keratin ones, are invisible when they are correctly laid. Still, it is important to know that, whatever the type of extensions, you will always feel your extensions by passing your hand through your hair.


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