Bli inspirert - Hundrevis av jenter bruker #LuxusHair hver måned 


If you are about to buy hair extensions for the first time, you might want to know what is true or not about them, among all the things you can read or hear on the internet and around you. In that case, or if you already have hair extensions and want to read about the current false/right ideas about hair extensions, here are some more answers:
  1. Cold extensions connectors do not damage the hair at all, unlike hot hair extensions. [True and false] It all depends on your hair, the quality of your extensions and your preferences. Hot hair extensions need to be glued with keratin, when cold ones are connected to your hair thanks to clips or adhesive.
For cold extensions, clips should have the best quality, in order to avoid knots along the way, which could damage the hair. This happens with poor quality clip extensions.
Keratin or adhesive methods will not necessarily damage your hair: it depends on hour hair nature (if thin or thick, fragile or strong etc…) and the quality of your extensions (LuxusHair is offering top quality extensions). Even if you have thin hair, it will most probably do well if you treat your hair and extensions with leave-in conditioners. Damaging your hair is also not inevitable if you use a proper revitalizing care treatment before the installation.
To finish, you might need to apply keratin extensions with the help of a professional, and even more take them off at the hairdresser in order to make sure they were carefully handled.
  1. When you wear extensions, you should forget the pool and the sea. [False] The answer is no! Chlorine and salt do not act on extensions’ connectors. However, saltwater and chlorine tend to negatively affect the texture and colour of your extensions. You can read about that in our articles about saltwater or tips for the summer. In conclusion, it is advisable to rinse your hair with fresh water, use treatment to hydrate it, or cover it with a cap during swimming.
  1. It is complicated to brush your hair with extensions. [False mostly] If you have high quality hair extensions, such as LuxusHair extensions, then it shall never be a problem to brush your hair. 100% natural hair extensions can be brushed with the rest of your hair. Of course, they need to be well laid. One tip is that you must avoid the junctions between your hair and the extensions. It is also advised to use a bristle brush.
  1. To extend the life of your extensions, a few things must be respected. [True] We have a full article on how to treat your hair extensions (link). Simple tips are to wash your hair with a mild shampoo, while keeping your head back to avoid tangles. If you use a conditioner or mask, apply it only on the lengths and tips, not on the junctions.
  1. When wearing extensions, it is best to dry your hair at a distance [True] The dryer should be held 15 cm from your hair. You can put it at a warm temperature, but not too hot either. You should of course proceed smoothly. If possible, avoid powerful blow drying, which may pull the hair and thus damage the junctions.