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LuxusHair magnetic eyelashes come with a revolutionary multi-magnet technology with 3 almost invisible magnets, strategically placed from end to end for best magnetic contact along the entire lash row.
You will not need glue and sticky eyelashes anymore, as you will discover how easy to use are the magnetic ones. The tilting straps are already shaped to the eye, which facilitates the application. They sit in place until you choose to take them off. They are also reusable.
False magnetic eyelashes for all!
Anyone can wear false eyelashes now! If you didn’t feel like trying in the past, after watching 10 videos on YouTube and feeling like you would lose your eyes in the process, this is your opportunity! The LuxusHair Magnetic eyelashes are easy to use, making it a fast habit to take. You can say goodbye to complications, thanks to technology, and welcome to glamorous eyes.
Loving false eyelashes after struggling all our lives, as you take 1 minute to apply them
Goodbye to the glue that drips and must dry
Barely feeling your false eyelashes when you wear them
Being able to remove them in the evening (unlike eyelash extensions that sometimes weigh down)
Save money and time: The magnetic false eyelashes are usable indefinitely if you compare to glued eyelashes that you need to dump after use
How to apply them?
Magnetized models make the laying simple: it takes only a few seconds and brings, like "normal" false eyelashes, a sophisticated length.
First, be sure to be in a lighted and confined area at the time of installation: for example, avoid being above the sink, if they fall at the time of your first try... Sitting in front of a room mirror is the perfect place!
A tip is to apply mascara to your own lashes, before applying LuxusHair magnetic eyelashes, for easier application and better adhesion.
You can then place the top lash over your own and fasten the magnets by covering your own lashes with the lower loose lash. The magnets on the upper lashes lock up with the magnets from the lower lashes.