CLIP ON EXTENSIONS, Clip on Hair Extensions, Clip-in Hair Extensions

CLIP ON EXTENSIONS, Clip on Hair Extensions, Clip-in Hair Extensions


Here you get the timeless classic Clip On - Clip On fastened with specially designed buckles. 
Recommended consumption of hair extensions is 100-180g. 

Clip on extensions are a timeless classic that you can easily attach even with special strings. This is by far the most popular form of hair extensions; The loose hair is affordable, easy to install and requires little maintenance. Clips work in the same way as regular hair clips. All you have to do is cling the buckles firmly and 1-2-3 you have the hair you've always dreamed of! For those who save for long hair, this is also a perfect option, without wearing on your own hair.

Another advantage of clip in hair extensions is that you can choose to use it only on special occasions. Unlike other variants, this loophole is designed for you to decide when you want to use it. Our extensions are made of 100% Human Remy Hair from India - handmade and quality checked. Newest at LuxusHair now is that we also sell Virgin Hair (European), which is the absolute best quality we can buy. It is a silky smooth and flawless hair designed to last for months. You will achieve a very natural result! We are proud to have the best quality on the market, with excellent durability and long durability.


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Thickness: 90-240g
Length: 35-60 cm
Price: Fra kr 699
699NOK Ex Tax: 559NOK
Thickness: 200-310g
Length: 55-60 cm
Price: NYHET!
2,399NOK Ex Tax: 1,919NOK
Thickness: 120-160g
Length: 40-50 cm
Price: Fra kr 1199,
1,099NOK Ex Tax: 879NOK
Thickness: 38-110g
Length: 35-50 cm
Price: NYHET!
499NOK Ex Tax: 399NOK

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