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Notice:  Unfortunally all colors are not available in all products. Clip On covers the most of our colors. 
To see which colors that are in stock in each product, click here.

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Time: 5-10 minutes.


Open the clamps. 

♦ Divide your hair. Use a brush or a comb. Arrange your hair in sections.
Gather all remaining hair to the top of your head with a scrunchy, to keep the excess hair out of the way.

Place the opened clamps onto your own hair. Start at the bottom middle part of your back head.
Make sure the clamps are flat, straight and properly attached to avoid lumps.
You should hear a distinct clicking noise when the clamp closes.
Run your fingers along all the clamps to make sure they are fastened properly.
Work your way upwards.
Lastly, use the smaller Extensions parts on the side of your head and around your ears.

 After applying all the parts, remove the scrunchy and gently brush or comb the top hair down again.

Repeat this process until you are satisfied with the results.

Make sure not to put the clamps on top of each other to avoid lumps.
Remember that this guide is solely meant to give you a rough idea on how to apply your Extensions.
In the end, it is up to you how to do it.



Removing the clamps
Open the clamps one by one. The clamps make a clicking noise when opened.
Do not yank the clamps out. Gently remove them instead.
A good tip is to start at the top and then work your way downwards.


Broken clip? Fret not! Contact us and we will send you replacements.

Want great hair for that upcoming party? Maybe you just want to look good for a job interview or just when going out.
Clip On is the perfect Extensions for you.
Assembled and removed in 5-10 minutes.

♦ Longevity
2-6 months depending on usage and treatment.
If you encounter single black strands of hair, these are used to bind the hair strands to the clips. You can safely cut these off.
After opening, we cannot make any guarantees about the lifespan of your Extensions.
The lifespan depends solely on the color, usage and how you treat the hair.

Read more below to maximize your Hair Extensions' longevity.

♦ Washing
Our Clip On is easily washed in the sink. You do not have to wash it too often. Once or twice per week or whenever you feel it is needed.
Use a mild shampoo/conditioner followed by a good hair treatment.
Let the hair air dry and comb it gently using a natural brush when it is dry.
Finally, apply a quality leave in cure to the hair.

♦ Treatment
Comb the hair before and after use. Use a 
natural brush.
Use a quality leave in cure before and after use.
Cure the hair using quality hair treatment products at least 1-2 times each month, depending on how often you use the Extensions.

DON'T DO'S (Done at your own risk)

 Bleaching and coloring.
♦ Using heating appliances on strong heat. Any heating appliance usage is done at your own risk.
♦ Hair spray and other styling products might expose your Extensions to unnecessary wear and tear. 
♦  Avoid bathing the hair in chlorine and salt water. 
 Sleeping with the hair. You should remove your Clip On's before going to sleep.



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Type: Ponytail Clip/Wrap
Parts: 1 part - Ponytail
Clip: Choose between 1 large clip to attach hair or wrap
Quality: 100% real hair, Indian handmade quality
Weight: 120-160 grams
Length: 40-50 cm
Usage: The hair can be straightened/curled and colored