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For us at LuxusHair, it is important that the production process of our Hair Extensions is carried out in an ethically correct matter.
By thoroughly following the process from our factory all the way to the product being delivered, we make sure that no stones are left unturned.
This way we are able to provide quality assurance for our products.


Our suppliers receive all the hair used from women who voluntarily cut their hair and sell it to their factory. This is a way of income for these women and we take every measure to make sure they receive their fair share.
The hair we sell is NOT so called "temple hair" and does not stem from involuntary harvesting.


The hair we is use is called Virgin Remy Hair. This means that the hair is pure and unprocessed before arriving at the factory. In our Hair Extensions, we use healthy, natural pure quality hair that has the best possible longevity.  
The next step in the process is the factory treatment of the hair. The hair is sanitized, cleaned and then color treated until it matches our selected color range.
It is then cut to match our range of lenghts: 40, 50, 60 and 65 cm.

After treatment and cutting, the hair is collected in a bundle making sure all the hair strands are correctly aligned directionally.
The hair is gently brushed and sorted. Short strands and sowing threads are then removed.
Finally, the hair is sorted and packeged and shipped.


LuxusHair Extensions fulfill the highest industry standards, also called AAA-grade.
AAA-grade hair allows for our Extensions to be colored or nuanced to the customers needs.
It is important to note that to preserve your Extensions' longevity, due to extensive factory color treatment, we do not recommend bleaching or coloring and that this is done on the customers own risk.


Our factory and LuxusHair employees make controlled random tests of the hair before shipping to the customer.
At LuxusHair it important that the process, quality, length and color fulfills our standard to ensure that you as a customer receive the best possible product.



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