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What are Hair Extensions?

Hair Extensions are loose strands of hair which are easily applied onto your own hair. Tired of waiting years to grow the hair of your dreams? Hair Extensions are the perfect solution for you. With LuxusHair Extensions, you will easily achieve that beautifully perfect hair within minutes or hours.
Hair Extenions are also a great way to achieve fuller and thicker hair.
LuxusHair can offer three types of Hair Extensions:
  • Clip On - Easily attached with clips/clamps.
  • Tape - Custom made strips of tape are glued onto your own hair.
  • Keratin - Nail tip Extensions, melted onto your own hair using a glue iron.
Clip On
Clip On - Long hair when needed
Clip On sets are easily attached and removed using clips or clamps (as seen in the picture). 5-10 minutes is all it takes to apply each set. Removing takes even less time. Clip On sets are therefore perfect to use whenever you see fit.

Our Clip On Sets have 7/8 individual parts. Each part consists of 2-4 clips. We think this is the perfect composition for optimal hair coverage and spread.

Clip On Deluxe is our new collection, specially designed for maximum volume. Choose between 7 parts/90 gram, 8 parts, 130 gram and for our biggest set you can choose between 50 cm (180 gram) or 60 cm (230 gram).
50 cm Deluxe is our richest set. Recommended for anyone with thick hair. If your hair is specially thick, we recommend using to sets of Deluxe.

Tape - Semipermanent Hair Extensions (reusable)
Our Tapehair comes with specially designed flat strips of double sided tape. Tapehair is very gentle and forgiving on your hair and is considered a semi-permanent, yet reusable set. The tape strips have an average lifespan of 3-7 weeks. But don't worry; the strips are easily replaced. (We recommend using our Ultra Hold Walker Tape). After replacing the tape, you can freely wear the set again. Perfect for when you want to have long hair for a few weeks on or off.
We recommend applying and removing Tapehair at a hair salon.

Our Tapehair sets have 30 strips (15 double 'sandwiches'). This is usually enough for most people, but if your hair is specially thick or short, we recommend getting two sets (60 strips). Remember to buy extra tape right away, to save you from having to get it later.

Keratine - Permanent Hair Extensions
Keratine Extensions, often referred to as nail-tip are merged with your own hair using a glue iron. This is our most permanent and long lasting set. It is perfect for extended periods when you want to wake up with long hair every day. Applying these sets will take around 2 hours. Removing around 1-2 hours. You can expect an average lifespan of 2-6 months before having to remove it. Keratine set longevity depend heavily on you treating it right.
We recommend applying and removing Keratine Extensions at a hair salon.

Choose between 60 or 175 pcs (each piece is 0.8 gram). We recommend 120-180 pcs for best coverage. For really thick or short hair, we recommend 200-250 pcs.

Finding the perfect color
Finding the perfect color can sometimes be a bit difficult. There can be a vast difference between a perfect match and a color that is slightly darker. If you are unsure, we recommend you select a color that is slightly lighter than your hair color, rather than darker. You can view our color chart here. If you're still feeling unsure, you can contact us at Simply send a picture of your hair in proper lighting and we will gladly help you make your selection.