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Jolie Visage Moroccan Argan Oil Series:

Jolie Visage Moroccan Argan Oil - Leave In Treatment
100 ml

Jolie Visage Leave In Treatment is rich with Argan Oil, Vitamin E, phenols, carotene, squalene and fatty acids. This makes the oil perfect for fighting dehydration of your Hair Extensions.
The formula also prevents loss of elasticity by giving your Extensions the smoothness it needs. It also revives, hydrates and detangles.
Our serum leaves no residue and no oil build up, leaving your Extensions silky smooth with a brilliant shine.
Jolie Visage Moroccan Argan Oil - Elixir Shampoo
250 ml

Jolie Visage Argan Oil Elixir Shampoo delivers optimal moisture balance for your Hair Extensions. The shampoo rinses and repairs damaged hair strands and restores its natural softness. The end result is silky smooth and shiny hair.
Our Elixir Shampoo provides maximum hydration from root to tip by utilizing specially developed Argan oil formulas.

Jolie Visage Moroccan Argan Oil - Elixir Conditioner
250 ml

Jolie Visage Argan Oil Elixir Conditioner provides your Hair Extensions with concentrated natural argan oil hydration. The conditioner protects medium to coarse tresses while preventing frizz and split ends. Full of hydratiing boatanicals, this lightweight conditioner helps with detangling messy hair.
Keratin amino acids restore hair fibers and reinforces your Extensions with a strong, silky soft and shiny gloss from root to tip.