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Keratin Treatment

Keratin Treatment
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1: Wash the hair two times. Use a rinsing shampoo. Do not use any conditioner or other curing products.  

2: Let air dry for 10-15 minutes before blow drying your hair on medium heat. Make sure the hair is completely dry.

3: Shake the LH Keratine Treatment bottle well before use.

4: Start by pouring some product into a bowl, then apply it to your hair from there. This will make sure you don't waste anything.

5: Put on gloves and start applying LH Keratine Treatment at the bottom of the neck. You can use either your hands or a hair coloring brush. Make sure you're holding the rest of the hair up with a clip. Divide your hair bit by bit to make sure the cream covers all strands of hair. Make sure every part of your hair is covered, but try to avoid it covering your scalp.

6: We recommend you comb over every applied section of hair. The hair should not be dripping. In that case, you have used too much product.

7: Wrap a towel around your hair and let the treatment do it's magic for 20-25 minutes. DO NOT RINSE!

8:  Blowdry your hair. Turn on your favorite straighetning iron and use the hottest setting it has. We recommend around 200-230 degrees celcius.


9: Start from the neck and straighten the same area 4-6 times. At lower temperatures than 230 degrees, we recommend you straighten each area at least 6 times to achieve the best possible result. Hold a comb in front of the straightening iron and gently run it through your hair while you're straightening. This is to ensure all strands are lying in the same direction.

Make sure that all parts of your hair have been straightened 4-6 times.
(We recommend that you get help from a friend if you find it difficult to work the back of your head). 


10: When finished straightening, you will have to wait with showering, using scrunchies/clips/clamps for 72 hours. After 72 hours, the treatment will be completely absorbed into your hair and you can rinse it.


In the weeks after treating:

For optimal longevity you should wash your hair at a minimum. We recommend that you only wash your hair 1-2 times a week for the first 2-3 weeks after treating your hair with LH Keratine Treatment. The hair might feel a bit more heavy/greasy the first 2-3 weeks but this is completely normal and by avoiding washing the hair too much, you make sure the treatment lasts as long as possible.

Coloring and bleaching should not be done until at least 3-4 weeks has passed after treatment. Remember to always add extra moisture/keratine to your hair after coloring/bleaching.

Shampoos, cures and conditioners that you use, should not contain salt. We recommend a moisturizing shampoo, keratine conditioner and a hair cure without silicones.
Hair oils, temperature protectives and other products should not contain alcohol because this might reduce the treatment's longevity.

To make sure your products are safe, check for products without sulfate, salt (sodium chloride), alchohol and silicone.

When washing the hair, try to massage your scalp only. Massaging at the tips will dry out your hair over time.
Use cold/lukewarm water whenever you wash your hair. This is to make sure your hair receives optimal shine and reduces oily scalps. 

After washing:
After each wash, we recommend that you air dry your hair using weak/medium heat. Do not let it air dry. Remember heat protection products. The hair can safely be straightened with a hair straighener after air drying. 


If you have a very dense curls, you may freely reapply the treatment within 2-3 weeks. This will vary from hair to hair.

If you followed all the steps, your hair will keep the keratine treatment for 3-5 months but the longevity might depend on your hair type.


One bottle should be enough for 2-4 treatments, depending on your hair length and thickness.
For hair that is thin thin or at shoulder length, one bottle is usually enough for 3-4 treatments.

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NEW! Introducing LH Keratin Treatment - 280 ml:

Wouldn't it be magical to transform your messy/wavy hair into a smoother, glossier and healthier version? We can now provide you with this experience, that lasts a whopping 3-6 months!

This treatment is perfect for anyone with frizzy, curly, wavy and/or damaged hair.
After treatment, your hair will be left feeling smooth, soft, shiny and easier to style. Expect your hair to gather more easily and for it to tackle any kind of weather. Wet or warm.
LH Keratin Treatment straightens dry and worn hair, while repairing and nurturing it.  This is achieved by adding healing keratin proteins, which are a natural part of your hair.

  • LH Keratin Treatment 280 ml – 3-6 months duration
  • Tames unruly, difficult hair
  • Repairs hair damaged by excessive use of heating appliances, chemicals, coloring/bleaching, sun/salt water and perms.
  • Makes waves and curls soft and smooth.
  • Strenghtens and applies new shine to both worn and undamaged hair.
  • Immediate straight, silky hair.
LH Keratin Treatment by LuxusHair is a revolutionary hair cure. We are proud to the first Norwegian webshop to offer this kind of treatment for home usage. The treatment is quality checked from factory to shelf. LH Keratin Treatment does not contain formaldehyde which is a common (and damaging!) ingredient in these types of products. We guarantee that this treatment neither damages you or your hair, but instead gives you fresher and healthier hair.

Check out the tab APPLIANCE/AFTER for more information.

Aqua, Cetearylalcohol, Hydrolized Keratin, Steartrimonium Chloride, Parfum, Cyclomethicone, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Vitamin B5, C.I.16035,  Formaldehyde / Methanal (0.05%) , C.I.Natural Brown 10, C.I.17200, C.I.42090