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Julianne Nygård - Tape

Julianne Nygård - Tape
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You will need: 
An experienced friend or a professional hairdresser + 

Before attaching the hair to your own, apply the tape to the Extensions.
After this, we recommend that you get help with attaching the Extensions.

Place the tape bits into your own hair like pictured below - tape facing away from you.
Start at the bottom and work your way upwards and to the sides.
Then place your own hair on top of the tape bits. Glue the second tape bit on top of the other like a sandwich.

Make sure that to leave enough top hair to hide the tape bits afterwards.

Keep applying the tape bits in this manner. Make sure that you evenly spread out the tape bits.


Removing Tape Extensions
When removing Tape Extensions, we recommend doing it at a hairdresser.
Alternatively an experienced friend might come in handy :)

Remember to use our Tape Remover 
Apply a few drops in between the tape bits. Let the solution work for a few minutes, then reapply if necessary.
Then simply unhinge the sandwiches by hand.



Tape Hair and Keratine Hair Extensions
The perfect Extensions for you if you want to wake up with long hair every day.


♦ Longevity
1-6 months depending on usage and treatment.
Attached and removed in 1-5 hours depending on amount and previous experience.
After opening, we cannot make any guarantees about the lifespan of your Extensions.
The lifespan depends solely on the color, usage and how you treat the hair.

Read more below to maximize your Hair Extensions' longevity.

♦ Washing
Wash hair as normal, but use a mild shampoo/conditioner to avoid wear and tear.
Avoid rubbing too hard on the tape/keratine pieces, take extra care when applying conditioner on tape pieces as this might loosen the glue.
Treat the hair 3-4 times a month to preserve moisture.
We recommend using quality brands like Redken or Sebastian.
Let the hair air dry after washing and comb using a quality nature brush when try.
Lastly, apply a quality leave in cure.

♦ Treatment 
Comb the hair before and after use. Use a natural brush.
Use a quality leave in cure before and after use.
Cure the hair using quality hair treatment products at least 3-4 times each month, depending on how often you use the Extensions.

Sleep with your hair braided.


♦ Removing 
When the time comes to remove your Keratine or Tape Extensions, we strongly recommend you do it at a hairdresser.
Hairdressers often have experience with the process and they usually have the right equipment needed to remove Extensions without damaging your own hiar.
Usually removed within 1 hour.
LuxusHair will assume no liability for any damage done if you should choose to remove your Extensions at home.

DON'T DO'S (Done at your own risk)
 Bleaching and coloring.
 Using heating appliances on strong heat. Any heating appliance usage is done at your own risk.
 Hair spray and other styling products might expose your Extensions to unnecessary wear and tear. 
 Avoid bathing the hair in chlorine and salt water. 
 Avoid pulling or tugging the hair.


Will my Extensions be visible to other people?

LuxusHair Extensions, when applied correctly, will always yield beautiful natural results.
As soon as the hair is attached, it will naturally blend in with your own hair.

It is not uncommon that our colors might deviate a tiny amount from package to package.
Likewise, it is not uncommon that the color of your Extensions might fade slightly within the first few weeks.

(This is done at your own risk)
Using silver shampoo on your hair extensions: Fill a small bowl with water, apply 4-5 drops of silver shampoo.
Dip the hair in the bowl and hold it there for 8-12 seconds. Repeat the process until wanted results are achieved.
You can use this method to reduce the risk of the hair getting too much purple tones.



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DHL EXPRESS - 1-3 week days delivery time €26
All fees and taxes included

Type Tape Hair Extensions (Our top quality within Hair Extensions)
Pieces 60 pcs - With attached tape
Quality 100% human hair. Virgin Hair - Minimal processed
Weight 75-150 gram 
Length 40 cm
Packages recommended 30-60 pcs (1-2 package) recommended
Usage The hair can be straightened, curled and styled

Our philosophy is quality and quantity with a reasonable price.
Silky smooth, tangle free hair that can be used for many months.
The hair is handmade and quality checked. Our provider is an Indian supplier of human handmade quality hair.
LuxusHair can be treated just like your own hair.