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Keratin Volume

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Keratin Volume

LuxusHair introduces our thickest Remy hair: Keratin Volume (formerly known as Keratin Deluxe) which gives you naturally thick and long hair that blends perfectly into your own hair. Mix more colors for a natural result!

Keratin Extensions, often referred to as nail-tip are merged with your own hair using a glue iron. This is the most permanent and long lasting method in hair extensions. Applying these sets will take around 2 hours. Removing around 1-2 hours. You can expect an average lifespan of 3-6 months before having to remove it.

Keratin Volume is suitable for those who:
- Want a long-term permanent solution
- Want natural volume and length
- Has naturally healthy hair that copes with a little wear and tear

Duration: 3-6 months depending on treatment

40 cm
Number of fasteners per package: 40 fasteners
Weight: 40g

50 cm
Number of fasteners per package: 60 fasteners
Weight: 48g

60 cm
Number of fasteners per package: 60 fasteners
Weight: 48g

Number of packages recommended:
Thin Scandinavian hair: 2-3 packs
Medium thickness: 3-4 packages
Thick hair, short hair and / or want more volume: 3-6 packs

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Keratin Volume