Keratin Treatments

Keratin Treatments
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Wouldn't it be magical to transform your messy/wavy hair into a smoother, glossier and healthier version? We can now provide you with this experience, that lasts a whopping 3-6 months! This treatment is perfect for anyone with frizzy, curly, wavy and/or damaged hair. After treatment, your hair will be left feeling smooth, soft, shiny and easier to style. Expect your hair to gather more easily and for it to tackle any kind of weather. Wet or warm. LH Keratin Treatment straightens dry and worn hair, while repairing and nurturing it. This is achieved by adding healing keratin proteins, which are a natural part of your hair. LH Keratin Treatment 280 ml – 3-6 months duration - Tames unruly, difficult hair - Repairs hair damaged by excessive use of heating appliances, chemicals, coloring/bleaching, sun/salt water and perms. -Makes waves and curls soft and smooth. - Strenghtens and applies new shine to both worn and undamaged hair. -Immediate straight, silky hair.
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