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Keratin Shampoo

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Keratin Shampoo

LuxusHair Keratin treatment provides a long-lasting transformation of frizzy, curly / wavy and damaged hair into beautifully smooth, soft and manageable hair - for three to five months. The treatment is performed at home and is suitable for all hair types, even extensions! We have developed a unique formula with natural ingredients and high quantity keratin that gives your hair a luxurious shine and vitality!

Get permanent straight hair with our keratin treatment:

  • Tames unruly, difficult hair (and hair extensions)
  • Repairs the damage to the hair with the use of curling irons / straighteners,
    chemical damage by color / bleaching, sun / salt water, drying and permanent
  • Make hair fall, waves and curls soft and supple
  • Strengthens and gives new shine to both worn and new hair
  • Immediate silk feeling with "new" straight hair
  • Contains 280 ml-Enough for 2-3 keratin treatments
  • Gives you a result that lasts for 3-5 months

Keratin treatment is suitable for those who:

  • Straightens your hair every day and wants to put away the straightener for a few months
  • Has naturally frizzy, curly or wavy hair that wants a smooth result
  • Has damaged or worn hair and wants to repair

What is a keratin treatment?

Keratin treatment is a treatment to straighten the hair for a semi-permanent period. In addition, it is rebuilding, caring and adds shine to dull and worn hair. Keratin treatment contains the protein keratin, which is a natural part of our hair. Keratin nourishes the hair, balances hair structures and straightens and wears frizzy or curly hair.

* We encourage all customers to check any allergies / reactions to the list of ingredients on all products. LuxusHair disclaims responsibility for allergic reactions.
ALLERGY TEST: To test if you are allergic, you can take some of the treatment on a patch that you attach behind the ear. Keep the patch there for 24 hours (remove by reaction).
* The product has a strong odor, and may sting the eyes during application, in the same way as hair dye / bleaching. We recommend the help of a friend, a brush, gloves and preferably a bandage.
* LuxusHair Keratin Treatment is not recommended for breastfeeding / pregnant women, children, and other people who are exposed to various allergies or have sensitive skin.

After just one treatment, your hair will feel like "new", both smoother and healthier! A bottle of Keratin treatment from LuxusHair usually lasts for 2-3 treatments.

 Read more about Keratin treatment in our blog.

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Keratin Shampoo