Fran varmt blond till kallt blond

The perfect blonde hair color - avoid yellowing If you've worked hard to achieve the perfect blonde hair color, you might be concerned about it fading. Both dyed and natural blonde hair require a lot of attention. Blonde colors often change with sunlight, lack of light, exposure to chlorine water, or natural factors over time. Therefore, you should take extra care of your blonde hair, especially your blonde Hair Extensions, to prevent them from turning yellow.

Discolored blonde hair can become porous and fragile, but there are solutions to avoid this. If you want to maintain the perfect blonde color or achieve the perfect silver-grey color, there are some special treatment methods you can use:

Silver shampoo/Blue shampoo is specially designed for blonde hair. These shampoos gently cleanse your hair and remove yellow tones from your blonde hair while nourishing the hair fibers. We highly recommend such a shampoo if you want to achieve a cooler blonde color, such as ash blonde or gray-blonde.

Blue shampoos are easy to find and can be affordable. You can find them in regular stores, but if you want a high-quality blue shampoo, you should purchase it from your hairdresser or choose one of our varieties. NB! Be sure to read the instructions on the bottle carefully, as excessive use of blue shampoo can make your beautiful blonde hair turn blue or purple. Finish with a good hair mask.

We recommend applying a hair mask once or twice a week to prevent yellow tones and give your hair a soft and glossy finish. Read more here to learn about how to properly use hair masks.