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You should feel confident that the hair extensions you use are safe and have a good ethical background. For us, it's essential that every step in the process, from the donor to the factory to us, and ultimately to you, is involved. The hair you receive should be socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable. No one should suffer for the sake of beauty. It's important for us to share the ethical aspects of our work, behind the scenes in production, and, most importantly, the entire process from the hair's origin to the finished product.

The factory and LuxusHair's employees inspect the hair through random checks before it is finally sent to the customer. At LuxusHair, it's crucial that the process, quality, length, and color meet the standards set by LuxusHair so that you can always be confident that the hair you receive is of the highest quality.

A Glimpse into the Suppliers LuxusHair offers real human hair from voluntary donors in South Asia. We have strict requirements for quality, service, and safety, so you can be confident that your hair extensions align with your values and ours. It's important to emphasize that the hair you purchase from LuxusHair is NOT temple hair and comes from willing donors who receive compensation for their hair. Hair extensions are a craft that requires great precision and are made by skilled workers with an average age of 40. Our employees are well taken care of with insurance, weekends off, vacation days, 8-hour workdays, pension, and free lunch. Suppliers are proud of their reliable employees who work with them for an average of 8 years.

Our Code of Conduct LuxusHair operates with a Code of Conduct for all suppliers and subcontractors. We do not enter into agreements without full transparency and consent.

Employment and Discrimination: Employees should be offered legally binding employment contracts specifying salary, working hours, vacation, sick pay, and absence. The supplier must base security and pension benefits. Employees should be offered jobs based on their ability to perform the job, never based on their beliefs, race, color, gender, nationality, religion, age, maternity leave, or similar.

Child Labor is Strictly Prohibited: LuxusHair does not permit work performed by children under 18 years old. Suppliers must provide official documentation to verify the workers' age. All work is voluntary and carried out by adults.

Wages and Working Hours: All suppliers must ensure that working hours, wages, and overtime pay comply with all applicable local laws. Daily working hours should not exceed 8 hours, except for voluntary overtime. Overtime is voluntary work that the worker must request. Workers should have a minimum of 1 day off per week. We also require paid sick leave, maternity leave, and holiday leave. Wages should be provided with written documentation of the number of hours worked.

Working Conditions: All suppliers should treat all workers with respect and dignity, providing them with a safe and healthy environment. Applicable local laws and regulations regarding working conditions, including health and safety, sanitation, fire safety, risk protection, and electrical, mechanical, and structural safety, should be followed. Suppliers cannot use corporal punishment or any form of physical or psychological coercion, such as threats of violence, sexual harassment, or other forms of abuse. The workplace should have adequate ventilation and temperature control. Fire extinguishers should be available for all employees, and emergency exits should be clearly marked and free of obstructions. All employees should have access to clean drinking water at all times. Job tasks should be sustainable for all employees, and the supplier is responsible for providing good safety and ergonomics.

Human Hair: The supplier guarantees that the hair collected is from voluntary donors and compensates them fairly for the market. No one should be encouraged to sell their hair, either by the supplier or any subcontractor.

Environmental Responsibility: All products are produced with consideration for both the environment and the health and safety of all people involved in the process. LuxusHair has the following requirements for its suppliers:

Comply with local environmental legislation
Toxic materials must be documented
Work to reduce waste
Have good routines for recycling raw materials
Their waste should not affect the quality of fresh water, groundwater, soil, or food.
Work to ensure that water and energy resources are used minimally
Hazardous materials are clearly marked and handled with care. They should be stored in a safe place to protect employees and the environment.
Thank you for caring and taking the time to read this! We appreciate all thoughts and feedback, so please feel free to email us if you have any questions.