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Keratin Extensions Bundle

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Product Information

The Keratin Extensions Accessory Kit provides you with an overview of the necessary accessories for applying keratin extensions, making it easy for you to start the process at home.

Melting Iron:
This easy-to-handle heat flat iron is ideal for applying nail extensions. The iron is straightforward to use, heats up quickly, and is especially suitable for handling sticky glue. It features an adjustable temperature control, allowing you to heat it from 100 degrees to 200 degrees Celsius.

Dismantling Pliers:
The pliers have a round and deep design created to securely seal U-tip nail extensions effectively.

Mounting Rings:
These plastic rings are designed to assist you in the application of keratin or nail extensions. The rings ensure that the adhesive stays on the nail extension and doesn't spill onto your hair.

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How to

You will need: A good assistant, a flat iron, and plastic protection rings. We strongly recommend that an experienced hairdresser attaches the keratin hair.

1. Start with freshly washed, dry hair. Always begin at the base of your neck, dividing the hair horizontally. The keratin bonds/strands are best attached in rows with approximately 1-3 cm spacing horizontally between the bonds. Let the first "row" start about 2-3 cm above your lower hairline. This is to prevent the strands from showing when the hair is tied up. The next row should be about 2 cm above the first row, and so on, moving up along the head, and finishing with the sides.

2. Place the plastic ring close to the scalp and secure it with clips as close to the scalp as possible. The amount of hair you pull through the plastic ring should be approximately twice as thick as the hair extension strand you are going to attach it to. You can use a pointed comb to separate small amounts of hair for easier attachment of the keratin strand.

3. Use a heated flat iron to melt your prepared hair into a keratin bond. Hold the flat iron in place for 2-5 seconds, then quickly roll the melted adhesive around the hair with your fingers. The fused bond should feel smooth, without any sharp edges. If the bond doesn't hold well, it could be due to not taking enough of your own hair or insufficient melting. In such situations, you can repeat the melting process on the same bond until it holds securely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
I've lost an extension clip. What should I do?

Don't worry! You can easily purchase a new clip in the color you prefer.

What do I need to apply Keratin extensions?

We recommend the Keratin Extensions Accessory Kit, which includes all the necessary products to complete the job. You can also purchase the products individually.

Why should I choose Walker Tape?

Walker Tape is known for its strong and reliable products that provide a secure attachment for hair extensions. It also offers a natural appearance as it remains concealed and provides a flat attachment.

How do I remove Walker Tape from the hair?

For a gentle removal that protects both extensions and your own hair, it is recommended to use Walker Action Tape Adhesive Remover. This product is a spray that effectively loosens the adhesive and leaves minimal oil residue on the bonds.

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