Hairstyles - Trends for long hair

There's nothing like the feeling of having long hair. We're not talking about dry and sad long hair, but beautiful and glossy hair with lots of volume.

With 100% natural extensions from LuxusHair, you'll not only achieve this but also open up a whole new world of trendy hairstyles!

Before you attach your extensions, it can be wise to read up on what's trendy right now.

Long, straight hair is always a classic. With the right hair care, you can easily achieve glossy and silky hair that never goes out of style. Wild, dynamic curls are very 'in' these days. Light, airy curls are incredibly beautiful and easy to adapt to your hair length, even if you have extensions. Use a curling iron, but make sure to protect your extensions and avoid using too high a temperature. If you don't want straight or curly hair, you can try creating glamorous waves that frame your face. This is very easy to achieve with a curling iron.