Treatment Advice for Hair Extensions

A common myth is that if you buy high-quality extensions, you don't need to treat them any differently than your natural hair. Regardless of the quality of your extensions, it's essential to remember that extensions are made of natural hair, but they no longer receive nutrients from the roots.

Clip On, Tape, and Keratin are the most common attachment methods for hair extensions. Clip On extensions are easy to put on and remove as needed, making them perfect for daily wear. Tape and Keratin extensions are more permanent solutions, attached 24/7 for as long as they last, so they require different care.

Treatment Tips for Clip On Extensions:

You can easily wash your Clip On set in the sink. There's no need to wash it frequently, only when you feel it's necessary. Use a gentle shampoo and conditioner. Investing in high-quality products can be worthwhile. Using a silicone-free shampoo or one designed for hair extensions is always recommended. After washing, use a good hair mask. Hair extensions need extra moisture, so you should treat them with plenty of hydration and use a hair mask that contains a lot of proteins. Let the hair air dry and gently brush it with a natural-bristle brush when it's dry. Finish with a generous amount of hair mask. The hair mask helps the hair remain silky for longer. When the hair isn't in use, we recommend storing it in a cotton pouch. If you plan to put it away for a while, consider loosely braiding it.

Treatment Tips for Tape and Keratin Extensions:

Wash your hair as usual, but use a gentle shampoo and conditioner. Avoid applying hair products directly to the tape or keratin bonds, as this can damage the attachments over time. Let your hair air dry and gently brush it with a natural-bristle brush when it's dry. Use a hair mask, ideally 3-4 times a month, to keep the hair as soft as possible. Moisture and a good hair mask with plenty of proteins are recommended to provide the hair with the nutrients it needs to last as long as possible.

When it's time to remove Tape or Keratin Extensions, we strongly recommend having it done by a professional or someone with experience. Experience and the right equipment are essential to avoid damaging your natural hair during removal. Removing these types of extensions can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

General Care Tips:

Bleaching and coloring are done at your own risk, and you won't receive a refund if you wish to return bleached or colored hair. We generally recommend avoiding bleaching or coloring your hair extensions. Be cautious with the use of heat styling tools. Avoid using excessive heat. Use hair spray sparingly, as it can be damaging to the hair. Try to avoid swimming in chlorinated and saltwater. Tie your hair up or use a swim cap. Avoid pulling on the hair and try not to touch the attachment points too much, as this can weaken the extensions' lifespan. Remove your Clip On extensions when you sleep.