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Say hello to happier and healthier hair with the LuxusHair Brush. This revolutionary hairbrush glides through tangles without causing breakage or pain. With a sturdy grip and a wide head, the LuxusHair Brush is a fantastic stylist for achieving sleek styles, detangling, assisting with hair drying, and smoothing waves. Perfect for both your natural hair and hair extensions.


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60 days return policy

60 days return policy

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
How can I brush my hair without damaging it?

Always start by combing the tips first and work your way up slowly. Never comb wet hair as it's more vulnerable when wet, and it can break or get damaged more easily than when it's dry.

How often should I clean my hairbrush?

It's recommended to clean your hairbrush at least once a week to remove hair, dirt, and product residue that can build up.

Can I share hairbrushes with other people?

Sharing hairbrushes can lead to the transfer of hair and scalp issues, such as lice or infections. It's hygienic to use your own brush.

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