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Product Information

Give your ponytail a glow-up! Say goodbye to bad hair days with Luxushair ponytail extensions that will transform your hair in seconds! Designed with a clip and Velcro closure to ensure a ponytail that will stay in place all day. Choose from three different lengths: 35, 50, or 55 cm. Luxushair ponytail is the quickest and easiest way to achieve the ultimate ponytail. Add instant length, volume, and style to your hair in minutes. Made of 100% Virgin Hair, a hair quality recognized as one of the finest in the market. Clip On Hair Extensions is the world's best-selling method in Hair Extensions, developed for those who want long and full hair without causing damage to their own hair. The hair can be styled, curled, and straightened just like your own hair. Remy is the quality LuxusHair is known for, real hair extensions with versatile quality that suits all hair types and can be treated as your own. To extend the lifespan of your hair extensions, store the hair in a Smart Case when not in use. Read more about recommended treatments for hair extensions in our blog. Grams per ponytail: 35 cm: 80g 50 cm: 100g 55 cm: 130g

Additional Information

Free color sample

Free color sample

Not sure about the color? We refund the color sample upon hair purchase

Colored clips

Colored clips

We use colored clips to conceal that they are extensions

100% Virgin hair

100% Virgin hair

Our hair is 100% virgin. Hair quality recognized as the finest in the market

Bag included

Bag included

The hair comes in a convenient bag for storing the hair when you're not using it

How to

All you need is a hair tie, a hairpin, and your Clip-in Ponytail Hair extension!

1. Put your own hair up in a ponytail: First, create the base where the ponytail clip will be attached. Tie your own hair into a ponytail at the location where you want the hairpiece to sit, such as high, low, or in the middle.

2. Place the attachment in your hair: Use the clip to attach the ponytail to the top of the hairpiece and press it down into the top of your own ponytail, making sure the clip is fully inside and concealed.

3. Secure with the ribbons: With the two ribbons on the sides of the hairpiece, wrap them around the hair tie beneath the ponytail first and then over the top. Keep wrapping until the ribbon needs to be tied, ensuring to tie the ribbon under the ponytail for easy concealment.

4. Hide the seams: Once the Clip-In ponytail is attached, it's time to hide the seam of the hair extension. Take a small section of hair under the ponytail and use it to wrap over and conceal the seams and ribbons. When the hair is wrapped completely around and has covered all the seams, secure it firmly in place under the ponytail with a few hairpins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
What type of hair is Luxushair Clip-on Ponytail made of?

Luxushair Clip-on Ponytail is made of 100% virgin hair. This means that the hair has not been subjected to chemical treatments or coloring, providing a natural and authentic quality.

How much of my own hair will be visible?

Generally, your natural hair growth will be visible at the scalp while the ponytail covers the rest of your own hair when attached. This means you can essentially choose a color that differs from the color of the length of your natural hair, as long as it doesn't conflict with the roots.

Is the Clip-on Ponytail made of synthetic hair?

No, Luxushair's Clip-on Ponytail is made of 100% virgin hair, and it is therefore real human hair. It is not synthetic.

What is the lifespan of the Clip-on Ponytail?

The lifespan of the Clip-on Ponytail depends on how it is used and maintained. With proper care and gentle use, the Clip-on Ponytail can provide you with a lot of enjoyment. The ponytail is typically a product that sees less everyday use, which means it experiences less wear and tear, leading to increased durability.

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