Choose the right length for your hair extensions

Before you buy Hair Extensions, you should decide on the length you want. The length depends on your natural hair and the result you desire. Read more here to get help with choosing the length:

Compare yourself to the pictures on our website to get an idea of how the length will look. Our models are approximately 1.75 meters tall. If you are taller or shorter, you should take this into account. A good rule of thumb is that it's better to buy extensions that are too long than too short, as they can be adjusted by a hairdresser if needed.

To get the exact length you need, you should measure from your ear down to the desired length. If you want wavy hair, you should calculate about 3 cm extra (the length is always measured for straight hair).

For Clip On Extensions, we recommend that your hair is at least 10-12 cm long so that the clips are not visible in your hair. It's also an advantage if your hair ends are even for the best possible result.

40 cm Hair Extensions go to just above the shoulders.
50 cm Hair Extensions reach below the shoulders.
55 cm Hair Extensions go to above the hips.
60 cm Hair Extensions go to the lower back.
Please note that these measurements are only indicative and depend on your own height.

If the length does not meet your expectations, you can adjust the attachments up or down or cut the hair as needed. Our Clip On Extensions are available from 40 to 70 cm to provide you with as many options as possible when it comes to the desired length.