Which method and quality should you choose?

It's important to know that not all Extensions are the same. The first thing you should do when choosing Hair Extensions is to assess the quality. You should always opt for 100% natural hair (human hair). Consider choosing a combination of Clip On and Keratin/Tape. This will give you the most natural result.

Clip On:

Clip On Extensions are fantastic because they are easy to attach by yourself. From short to long hair, and from long to short hair in under 5 minutes. Clip On Hair Extensions are the world's best-selling method in Hair Extensions and are developed for those who want long and full hair without causing damage to their own hair. Attach the loose hair easily by opening and closing the clips. Start from the bottom with the widest parts and distribute the attachments across the head in ascending order. Extend the lifespan of your loose hair by storing it in a Smart Case when not in use. Ensure that both the hair and the clips are of good quality and that the product is designed to last. LuxusHair sells Clip On with a quality guarantee. Read customer feedback or contact us if you're unsure. The great thing about Clip On is that the hair often lasts longer than other types of Hair Extensions.


Are you also a Hair Extensions addict? Then Tape Hair, one of our types of reusable Hair Extensions, also classified as semi-permanent Hair Extensions, is perfect for you! This is our most gentle and comfortable solution for hair extensions. Perfect for those who want a semi-permanent solution and wish to reuse the hair. Loose hair with tape is Tape Hair Extensions for those who want to wake up with long hair every day - for a period or more. LuxusHair Tape attachments have flat attachments that are taped into your own hair with double-sided tape. They are only available in the highest hair quality class, 100% Virgin Hair, and in 3 lengths: 40, 50, and 60 cm.

Our Tape Hair Extensions can typically be applied for 3-7 weeks before the tape on the attachments needs to be replaced. Developed for those who want long hair, but you have the opportunity to vary between both color, length, and quantity, and choose which periods you want to have it applied - and not. With Tape Extensions, this is not a problem! Use the Tape hair over and over again - all you need to do is change the tape!

We recommend that a hairdresser or a skilled friend helps you with the installation, removal, and lifting of the attachments. Our sets consist of 20 attachments, which make up 10 double sandwiches. We recommend everything from 2-4 packages. Remember to buy extra tape on the side, so you're ready if you want to reuse the tape hair later.


Keratin Hair Extensions are for those who want to wake up with long hair every morning. The handmade attachments are about the size of a grain of rice and are very discreet and comfortable. This means that even if you have very thin hair, you can advantageously use this product without the attachments being visible. Keratin hair is Hair Extensions with keratin attachments that are softer than glue, and are applied to your own hair by melting it with a melting tong. The attachments are removed with a disassembly plier. Applying Keratin Extensions is a process that requires both time and preferably experience. We therefore recommend that you have it done by a hairdresser or a friend who has good experience with this.

Cut Your Hair After Attaching Your Extensions:

A haircut is often necessary after applying a new set of Extensions. It's important to even out the hair so that your new Hair Extensions blend seamlessly with your natural hair. Here are some general tips for hairstyles:

Short Hair and Extensions:

Hair Extensions also suit you with short hair if your hair length is approximately 8 cm or longer. The shorter your hair is, the more necessary it will be to have a haircut after applying Extensions.

If your hair is shoulder length, it's important to cut the hair gradually to avoid the attachments showing. We recommend that you consult with a hairdresser for assistance and guidance to decide on the type of hairstyle you want.

You have many options, whether you cut your hair straight, in layers, or in a 'V-shape'. A rule of thumb is that the shorter your hair is, the more important the haircut is.

Many hairdressers prefer to use a curling iron after applying Extensions. You can choose whether you want your hair to be straight or if you like the look of glamorous curls. Remember not to use heat above 180°C when using a curling iron.